Category Vehicle CC License
Elite Bikes independent FIM, FIM Europe,National with Starting Permission
M1 Bikes 150-340 cc Free
M2 Bikes 350-450 Free
M3 Bikes 451-600 Free
M4 Bikes 601-800 singlecylinder Free
M5 Bikes 650-1300 bicylinder Free
Rally Lite Bikes independent Free
Q Quads independent Free
B Buggies-SSV independent Free


FIM European Championship

FIM A  up to 250cc 4T up to 125cc 2T

FIM B  over 125cc 2T

FIM C   250-450cc

FIM D  450-700cc

FIM E Marathon List (please list on FIM regulations)

FIM F Quad

Other Classes

  1. Veterans, born up to 1965
  2. Women
  3. Classic Bikes, made up to 1996