Hellas Rally Training Camp

Hellas Training Camp 

Bikes - Quads - SSV - 4x4 Cars
Not a race but with all the ingredients there.
A perfect opportunity for roadbook practice or roadbook novices.
Nafpaktos will be the center of it and all the routes will be a combination of Hellas Rally roadbooks.
Safety tracking
Personal timekeeping
Recovery crews
Medical care
All inclusive packages
Rental bikes
for more info please contact info@hellasrally.org

Not a usual training school

We offer a perfect environment for you and your team to practice in real race conditions.
A private race for your team designed to fulfill your needs 

Open from February until November every year
10 Days
7 Days
5 Days 
3 Days 
or custom made on your needs
Based on your requirements the Camp may be hosted in different areas and cities of Central, West and South Greece
Contact us rallycamp@hellasrally.org

What we offer:

For professionals or Racing Teams or group of privateers (bikes, quads, SSV, racing 4x4 Cars)
  • Closed stages to traffic with safety marshals and vehicles. Stages may vary from 85 to 150 klm
  • Roadbooks in FIM/FIA format with high precision, quality and accuracy
  • 24 hours medical coverage on the stages and in hotel, 4x4 ambulance and medical emergency helicopter
  • Real time tracking with statistics, speed penalties live, live monitoring for the team manager etc.
  • Real live timekeeping, with timekeepers, live results etc
  • Race simulation in real race conditions (controls, Time checks, Check points, refueling, neutralizations etc)
  • ERTF system
  • Insurance for hospital expenses, repatriation and third party liability insurance
  • Bivouac environment with race conditions
  • 24hours chiropractor, 24hours gym hall with all instruments and bicycles for warm up
  • 4 stars hotel and 4 meals per day with a chef based on your needs (menu pre-agreed)
  • Huge variety of terrain, including sand and sand dunes
  • Off road parts with Compass training, high speed parts, enduro parts or any kind of terrain mix based on your needs (MX Track available)
  • Tracks designed upon your demand and needs (pre-arranged)
  • Presentations on FIM-FIA CCRR regulations
    For amateurs or beginners
     All the above plus:
    For Bikers
    1. Private or group training by our associate Dakar riders (upon agreement)
    2. Rental fully equipped bikes
    For all vehicles
    1. Roadbook seminars by our roadbook team
    2. Regulations, race format, how-to beginners training 
    3. Mechanics and tire service
   And for those who will combine the Rally Camp with some family holidays, we offer a huge variety of activities for your families during the week including:
  1. Sightseeing and cultural tours
  2. Mountain activities (trekking, hiking, biking etc) with our network of local associates
  3. Sea sports
  4. Museums
  5. Gastronomical activities and seminars


Contact us rallycamp@hellasrally.org