Hellas Rally News


55 seconds separated the leader Stefan Svitko from the seconf Farres. Both riders followed by Klymciw gaωe a titanιc fight in a very technical stage with lots of navigation. In the quad class the newcomer Aldington took the 1st place over Sebastien Souday but both far away from Pavel Sopik.
Titan fight in the SSV class. Dirk von Zitzewitz although without any steering took a 3 min lead over Pelichet, both with Yamahas in front of the Can Am of Heinz Kinigadner.
Maiden flight for the Rally Lite class with Svedic, Frauwalner and Wylie.
Tomorrow a long and hard day is in the menu with Svitko starting at 06:30 for a long journey in the magnificent mountains of Central Greece.
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