Riders must wear:
– Full Face Helmet
– Chest protector
– Knee protectors
– Elbow protectors
– Gloves
– Enduro Jacket
– Boots
– Goggles

They must also carry on them:
– Mobile phone in waterproof packaging with high sound level and able to call/receive within the EU
– Camel Back with water
– Energy Bars
– Enduro Jacket + waterproof Jacket
– Mini Survivor kit (compass, torch / flashlight, foil survival blanket, lighter, small mirror, whistle, useful phone numbers).


The motorbikes must have:
– Light
– Brake light
– Horn
– Rear fender with mudguard
– Copy of number plate


  • The Quads must have:
  •   Light
  •  Brake light
  •  Horn
  •  Nerf bars
  • Kill switch


The crews must have:

  • Safety seat Harness CE or higher (FIA expired is accepted)
  • 2 fire extinguishers 2kg CO2 or fire system
  • Medical box
  • Helmets (MX with gogles or Car helmets in case of windscreen)
  • Suits CE or higher (FIA expired is accepted)
  • Intercom