Hellas Adventure Raid 2023 October 8-14


The proper raid

Hellas adventure Raid is a noncompetitive event.

Dates 8-14 October 21023

Classification won’t be available and the target is to organize a weekly event for:

  1. Off road fun
  2. On road routes for big motorcycles to enjoy some of the greatest places and side roads of Greece.
  3. Roadbook and Rally practice
The event will consist of:

  1. 6 riding days
  2. 5 different bivouacs
  3. Start and finish in Itea at a seaside bivouac and a great party at the end.

  1. Off road fun
Designed routes for big or mid-size bikes, SSV and 4x4 Cars accessible to all vehicles with some really great spots for sightseeing and visit to some ancient areas and monuments

  1. On road
Follow the event on tarmac and sleep over at the same areas. great spots for sightseeing and visit to some ancient areas and monuments

  1. Rally Practice (bikes, quads, SSV)
 Real Rally routes
  • Professional Roadbook rally standards (FIM spec)
  • Marshalls
  • Professional tracking
  • Route Marshalls
  • Supervised Traffic on route
  • Personal time keeping to monitor your performance (not classification)


  • 7 October Roadbook Training and administration
  • 8 October Administration and Technical scrutineering at Itea Marina (Itea beach)
  • 9 October Itea – Itea and starting Party at the Public Beach
  • 10 October Itea – Lake Plastira
  • 11 October Lake Plastira – Meteora
  • 12 October Meteora – Konitsa
  • 13 October Konitsa – Elati
  • 14 October Elati – Itea and finish Party
  • 15 October Return home



Lake Plastira








  • Roadbook paper
  • Roadbook Electronic (pdf)
  • GPS data (tracks and waypoints)

1200€ per Participant (moto, Quad, Car, SSV)

Additional Passenger 500€ per person

Extra escort people-visitors 400€ per person

Entry fee includes
  1. Insurance for accidents up to 10.000 euros
  2. Tracking Device
  3. Support and recovery of vehicle all days
  4. Hotels with breakfast in double or triple rooms (single rooms +200euros)
  5. Transportation of all luggage and equipment all days from and back to Itea.
  6. Lunch pack or BBQ during day (dinner, drinks and other not included)
  7. Free Roadbook Practice and seminar (one day prior to event in Itea)
  8. Marshalls and time keeping
  9. Safety riders and full medical coverage (ambulances and 4x4 medical vehicles)
Xtra costs

Riders who participate in the Rally Practice route will have to rent Stella EVO3 devices 150€ plus installation bracket 72€