All Rally competitors will use Anube Stella Evo3

The device rental fee is 150euros

The bracket and antenna kit costs 75euros and it is once off payment.
Raid Class will use Spika tracker with 60euros rental fee and 20euros once off bracket.


Riders must wear:
– Full Face Helmet
– Chest protector
– Knee protectors
– Elbow protectors
– Gloves
– Enduro Jacket
– Boots
– Goggles

They must also carry on them:
– Mobile phone in waterproof packaging with high sound level and able to call/receive within the EU
– Camel Back with water
– Energy Bars
– Enduro Jacket + waterproof Jacket
– Mini Survivor kit (compass, torch / flashlight, foil survival blanket, lighter, small mirror, whistle, useful phone numbers).


The motorbikes must have:
– Light
– Brake light
– Horn
– Rear fender with mudguard
– Copy of number plate


The Quads must have:
Brake light
Nerf bars
Kill switch


The crews must have:

Safety seat Harness CE or higher (FIA expired is accepted)
2 fire extinguishers 2kg CO2 or fire system
Medical box
Helmets (MX with gogles or Car helmets in case of windscreen)
Suits CE or higher (FIA expired is accepted)